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BlackBridge provides the tools for partners and customers to effect change on a global scale. By combining the powerful collection capacity of the RapidEye constellation and an expansive archive of high-resolution satellite imagery, with data storage and geocloud solutions, BlackBridge brings the world to you.

New RapidEye Persistent Change Monitoring


BlackBridge has partnered with the U.S. company MDA Information Systems LLC to create RapidEye PCM. This new solution makes for fast and simple updates to cartographic datasets. By adding RapidEye PCM to the regular cartographic update workflow, users can significantly reduce the cost and time required to update cartographic datasets.


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Levantamientos e Inventarios; Imágenes Satelitales; Mapas Y Bases De Datos;
Mediciones GPS; Fotogrametría Digital; Monitoreo;
Clasificación e Implementación De Imágenes Satelitales;
Servicios Para Administración de Recursos Naturales; Protección Y Seguridad; Cartografía Digital y Mapeo; Cartographia digital en Google Maps; Google Maps API; Global Base Map; GeoEye-1; Quickbird; RapidEye; OrbView-3; TerrarSAR-x;
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