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Google Maps for Work es la misma plataforma Google Maps para ser explotada de manera profesional por empresas e instituciones a través de APIs (Application Programming Interface).
Los Google Maps APIs permiten a desarrolladores de aplicaciones distintas formas de utilizar Google Maps como parte de una página WEB o como parte de un aplicativo que requiere consultar y utilizar interactivamente los datos de Google Maps. El Google Maps APIs permite la personalización a cualquier nivel ya sea liviana o extensa.



Google Maps APIs


Google Maps Android API.   Maps for your native Android app.
Google Places API for Android.  Connect your users with information about millions of places.


Google Maps SDK for iOS.   Maps for your native iOS app.
Google Places API for iOS.   Connect your users with information about millions of places.

Web APIs

Google Maps Embed API.   Add a Google Map to your site without code or quota limits.
Google Maps JavaScript API.   Customize maps with your own content and imagery.
Places Library in the Google Maps JavaScript API.   Up-to-date information about millions of locations.
Google Static Maps API.   Simple, embeddable map image with minimal code.
Google Street View Image API.   Real-world imagery and panoramas.

Web Service APIs

Google Maps Directions API.   Directions between multiple locations.
Google Maps Distance Matrix API.   Travel time and distance for multiple destinations.
Google Maps Elevation API.   Elevation data for any point in the world.
Google Maps Geocoding API.   Convert between addresses and geographic coordinates.
Google Maps Geolocation API.   Location data from cell towers and WiFi nodes.
Google Places API Web Service.   Up-to-date information about millions of locations.
Google Maps Roads API.  Snap-to-road functionality to accurately trace GPS breadcrumbs.
Google Maps Time Zone API.   Time zone data for anywhere in the world.

Google Maps APIs Online Training
Take this free online course, built by Google and Udacity, and learn to build a location-enabled website, use our web services, and monitor your developer project. If you’re just getting started, or want a quick and fun walkthrough of the features of the Google Maps APIs, this is the course for you.
This course will introduce you to the content available through the Google Maps APIs. You’ll be walked through building a real-estate listings site step-by-step, using a beautifully styled Google map, data visualization, street view panoramas, and various nifty location related features such as calculating distance between locations, getting directions, and viewing places of interest data. You’ll also see other examples of Google Maps APIs in action, and understand how to put your new knowledge into practice by creating your own Project in the Google APIs Console.

Start the Google Maps Online Training

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